Living at Hyfield

Hyfield Place features 26 one-bedroom units and 4 two-bedroom suites. Individuals are placed in one-bedroom units while it is our policy that couples or pairs be placed in two-bedroom suites.

All tenants must be 65 years or older and capable of living and caring for themselves independently. Many of our tenants enjoy long residencies here at Hyfield Place, and we are happy to have them as long as they are comfortable and able to live at Hyfield. As such, turnover of units tends to be low.

We maintain a wait-list of prospective tenants, and use this list to fill units when they do become available. The current estimated wait for a one-bedroom unit for new applicants is approximately 4-5 year. The wait for a two-bedroom suite is generally longer.

Floor plan of typical one-bedroom unit

If you would like to be added to our wait-list, please download the application form below and return it to our office by mail, or electronically via email.  At this time we are not accepting applications dropped off in person due to pandemic protocols. You will receive a letter in the mail confirming you have been added to the list.

Click to download application